15 Funny Pics Of Angry Looks Show Us How Jealous Animals Can Be.

Jealousy is a common sense at all: it is not considered a positive feeling, especially because it can easily lead to irritating attitudes and detrimental to the welfare of a relationship, be it a couple, friends, or relatives. We are jealous when someone touches our objects if a person looks at our partner in a certain way if a colleague is more competent than us at work. But this feeling is not only inherent in human nature: animals can also be jealous. They may be jealous of another animal because it receives more attention, or they may be jealous of its owners.

We’ve picked 16 photos that perfectly illustrate this feeling: the scowling looks, half-closed eyes, gaping mouths, slightly tilted heads, towering paws are undeniable clues, and these animals – with their hilarious expressions – know exactly how. communicate their emotions to us.

#1. The cat’s eye.

image credit: Missmayo/reddit

What is he thinking about?

#2. “Why is he entitled to hugs and not me?”

image credit: fiddle_sticks/reddit

#3. “My paw is important too!”

image credit: abilledeaux/reddit

#4. Someone doesn’t approve of this selfie.

image credit: NickyButTo/reddit

#5. “Why is he on the blanket and not me?”

image credit: BrookeTillandsia/reddit

#6. He was jealous of the baby.

image credit: jpkitchener/reddit

He therefore thought of taking his place.

#7. The little bird eats and the cat watches.

image credit: imgur

We do not understand if the cat is more jealous because the little bird eats pizza or because the owner does not give him the same attentions.

#8. “What’s going on here?”

image credit: Picabulka / pikabu

#9. “I also deserve hugs”.

image credit: nightn1ght/reddit

#10. He is jealous of the newcomer.

image credit: hamoud888/reddit

Whenever you put the leash on a new family member for a walk, the dog behaves this way.

#11. “I don’t like this situation at all”.

image credit: eggsrus/reddit

Why is the cat cuddled inside and has this nice fluffy blanket and the dog doesn’t?

#12. Why is someone hugging and not the other?

image credit: tiffanymcclure/reddit

#13. It also deserves attention.

image credit: WATERBOTTLEFACE/imgur

#14. The portrait of jealousy.

image credit: WillsMyth/reddit

#15. “Human, I’m looking at you”

image credit: xSpiderBabyx/reddit

How do animals react when they don’t get the attention they want? These photos show us the answer. Has your pet ever shown jealousy?

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