22 Photos That Are Funnier If You Zoom In

When we take a photograph, we usually always focus on what is in the foreground, many times we forget the entire environment around us, and the really interesting thing maybe there behind or to the sides of our main object.

Beyond photography tips, in the following gallery, you will find 22 images where funny or incredible things are happening in the background. Keep sliding to discover them.

#1. “When Chris Pratt (Star Lord) makes a special appearance in your theater but you’re angry about what he did in Infinity War”

#2. “This guy put a skimmer in an ATM. His costume was wearing 10x magnification glasses.

#3. I don’t think the elevator is in that direction.

#4. I hope it’s not a password.

#5. McDonald’s sells more and more rare things.

#6. Old and new school in a photo.

#7. This dog is more stylish than you.

#8. The cat is up to something …

#9. A life hack on how to make Australian flag fenders.

#10. Someone paid a large sum of money to display their desk.

#11. When you decide to take your girlfriend:

#12. Tires in English are written “Tire” and “Tired” means tired.

#13. Imagine seeing Chucky driving the truck behind you.

#14. Sports are not fun if you see them up close.

#15. “Before dead than simple.”

Do you have photos where the really interesting thing was happening behind your image? Feel free to leave them in the comments! Don’t leave without sharing this gallery to brighten up your friends’ day.

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