15 Fun And Practical Solutions Adopted At School That We Too Wish We Could

Going to school and college can be incredibly fun. No one particularly likes to wake up early and face a busy study day. What often cheers us up are (or have been) particularly good and passionate teachers, classmates with whom we have shared joys and moments of anxiety, a good note was taken after days of study. intense. Today, in order to facilitate the assimilation of concepts and to make schools much more practical and fun, some buildings have been designed or redesigned to contribute to the well-being and academic results of students.

Very few were lucky enough to have a slide to get to the lower floors of the school, special walls to encourage learning about the periodic table of the elements, desks with pedals for students to exercise, and tools to repair bicycles if necessary. These 15 images show us the schools we all wish we had attended, designed to make class time more profitable and to solve the little daily problems of every student.

#1. A toboggan at the university.

image credit: HolliePocket/imgur

To quickly descend from the upper floors, in this university, all you have to do is use a slide. And we become a child again.

#2. What you can find in the computer room.

image credit: SIMPalaxy/imgur

#3. Tables with solar panels and USB sockets.

image credit: tehgerbil/imgur

Useful for allowing students to charge their devices.

#4. A special staircase.

image credit: imgur

There is the side for walking, for running and for writing messages.

#5. An alternative method.

image credit: Jamesthedrake/reddit

This university offers help to overcome the stress of exams. Are these handkerchiefs?

#6. From the classroom to the playground.

image credit: bazman1976/reddit

#7. Benches with pedals.

image credit: LurkerMcLurkerton/reddit

In this primary school, each desk is equipped with pedals to allow children to move while following lessons.

#8. Parking for skateboards.

image credit: imgur

#9. A room for the nap.

image credit: TheeSillyman/reddit

We have all dreamed of a room like this in our school.

#10. For those who cycle to school.

image credit: imgur

In this school was installed this tool which allows, thanks to its components, to repair the bike or to ask for help by scanning the QR code.

#11. A large periodic table on the wall.

image credit: TheDustyPaw/reddit

But this is not a simple periodic table: each section shows what a particular element is used for.

#12. This distributor does not sell food but stationery.

image credit: djahanbin/reddit

#13. Each table has one element of the periodic table.

image credit: IHaeOptimists/imgur

#14. Each locker looks like the edge of a book.

image credit: NikkiDRobertson/twitter

#15. An assignment with a QR code that leads to an instructional video related to the lesson.

image credit: nameiha/reddit

Whether you are in school, university, or have already left desks and notebooks to tackle the world of work, we are sure you would like or would have liked some of these solutions too. Which of the following would have made the time spent in class more enjoyable?

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