16 Photos Full Of Bad Luck That Would Infuriate Even The Quietest Person

The bad days happen to everyone: life quickly accustomed us to this fact.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be kissed by luck, and when a day starts off badly, it takes little to realize that the rest won’t be better. If you too feel particularly exposed to bad luck, you can at least find some consolation – meager, admittedly – in the photos that we are going to show you: real moments to forget, which can make us think ” at least there has happened to him worse! “

#1. Guess what my car is!

image credit: sopinessasquatch / reddit

#2. Perfect: now, the sandwich I was going to make is just a distant memory …

image credit: igothitbyacar/reddit

#3. I just wanted to eat a banana …

image credit: Wvdl884/reddit

#4. And they sold it to me saying it had a wooden handle …

image credit: WPG76/reddit

#5. We’ve all been there at some point …

image credit: Sphax137/reddit

#6. “Advanced Parking Solutions”: Maybe you should start to know how to park

image credit: Xtratimesoccer/reddit

#7. Only one piece is missing and here is the result!

image credit: reddit

#8. No tree, and no chainsaw …

image credit:Imgur

#9. When the day is bad, we can tell right away, even from these little things …

image credit: RedBeardMark/reddit

#10. When tailoring rebels and doesn’t want you to take your pen

image credit: EnterGreenGoose/reddit

#11. “Shoot with both hands”: message received!

image credit: reddit

#12. A substantial croissant!

image credit: ivobivo/reddit

#13. Nothing to do: “the next Chinese cookie will tell you the truth”

image credit: reddit

#14. Very good: a job done in a really impeccable and above all practical way!

image credit: reddit

#15. And then you see that and you don’t want dessert anymore!

image credit: scarsandstories/reddit

#16. Rather irritating, don’t you think?

image credit: ididntmeanto_/reddit

Do you have a bad day like the people in these photos?

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