Freddie Mercury’s voice had unusual characteristics, science confirms !

When you think of rock music and the characters who have marked this musical genre, the name Freddie Mercury cannot help but come to mind. Died in 1991, the iconic, charismatic, eccentric front-man of Queen , with his spectacular and singing performances, truly marked the course of an entire musical genre, becoming a model from which to draw inspiration, a goal to be achieved for many singers and aspiring singers.

And it’s not just about musical taste. His voice was truly something incredible : it was science that explained why and gave certainty to anyone who was convinced.

via Science Daily

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A group of Swedish, Austrian and Czech experts conducted  an in-depth acoustic analysis  on Mercury’s voice, comparing his singing skills with those of the professional singer Daniel Zangger-Borch , the only one in the world able to perfectly match the singing characteristics by Freddie. The results? Astounding, just as has often happened when talking about things that concern this famous musician.

First of all, although it was believed that Mercury’s vocal range led his voice to have similar – if not superior – characteristics to a female soprano , it turned out that Queen’s singer was actually a baritone , with frequencies averages at around 117.3 Hz. Therefore, a very, very particular baritone.


Beyond this however, what made Freddie’s voice truly out of the ordinary was the vibrato . This singing technique, in humans, is usually often recorded at 5.4 or 6.0 Hz. Mercury’s vibrato frequencies, however, reached 7.04 Hz, a value that made his style famous , with the vocal cords who probably moved significantly faster than the average singer.


Precisely the vibrato, together with the fact that, to reach the extensions that characterized his voice, he very likely used the subharmonic singing style – in which the ventricular strings vibrate together with the vocal ones – made Freddie Mercury a rocker  sui generis .

This time, therefore, Mercury’s qualities were confirmed by precise scientific analyses . Like it or not his style, without too many doubts the leader of Queen was a unique and difficult to imitate singer , probably the greatest in the history of rock.


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