Flight attendant works on Christmas Day: her father buys plane tickets to be with her

Being a parent is of course the most difficult, but certainly also the most rewarding. All moms and dads would do anything for their little ones, even if they are adults. And above all, they don’t want rewards; they just need to look at their child and see a smile on their face.

Their goal is always to make their children feel comfortable, but above all loved. However, as they grow up, it becomes more and more difficult to be with them as the commitments also increase. The holidays, especially Christmas, can be a great opportunity to bring the whole family together.

But this father, when he saw the possibility of spending Christmas with his flight attendant daughter slip away because she would be on duty, didn’t want to do it. didn’t waste time and bought plane tickets to spend the holidays with her.

via Fox Atlanta

Pierce Vaughan worked as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. She had been trying to get Christmas Day off so she could spend it with her family. Her attempts were in vain and she will have to work that day too. Now she had resigned herself to having to spend the holidays away from her parents. However, she had forgotten that her father would do anything to make her happy.

So, Hal Vaughan, the father, decided to buy plane tickets and leave. He hadsynchronized all the flights he had to take with Pierce‘s work schedule. So that they will be together on December 24 and 25.

During one of the flights, Hal found himself in the seat next to a flight attendant, a colleague of the young woman, Mike Levy. When the latter heard the story of his traveling companion, it seemed so good to him that, in addition to taking photos, he wanted to share it on his Facebook page, to testify to the love of a father for his daughter.

“Hal,” Mike says, “decided he would spend the holidays with Pierce. So he boarded each of his flights. He did everything to be able to spend time with his daughter for Christmas. What a great father! I wish you both a happy New Year!”

The airline also praised the father after learning of the incident: “We appreciate all of our employees working during the holidays to serve Delta customers and we are delighted to see that this wonderful father was able to spend Christmas with his daughter.”

Would you have done the same thing as Hal or would you have done a different surprise?

Source used: https://www.facebook.com/mlevy1987

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