Fishermen Find Huge ‘Dinosaur Fish’ And Release It Into The River, It Was Nearly 3 Meters Long.

Nature always knows how to leave us speechless. One way or another, thanks to a sight or a particular animal, the astonishment is sometimes so strong that one doubts the reality of what one is looking at. Anglers who have encountered an unusual creature in a Canadian river know this well.

To call this animal simply “fish” would be very reductive, because its size and appearance seem to catapult us into the past , among creatures with prehistoric characteristics. It is no coincidence that the discovery immediately made the headlines just look at the photos of this aquatic giant to realize that it is an unusual encounter!

‘A living dinosaur’ is how Dan Lallier and Yves Bisson described the great sturgeon they encountered on the Fraser River in the Canadian province of Alberta. Their fishing trip was like any As always, they had been out on the river, but they never imagined they would catch what many consider to be the greatest “catch” the Fraser has ever offered.

The sturgeon encountered by the two fishermen was gigantic. With a length of almost 3 meters and a weight of over 270 kilograms , it is difficult to expect such a fish in river waters. But it was there, and the fishermen had to fight hard to get close to it.

“We looked at each other and stood in disbelief at its enormous size, said Mr. Lallier, we knew we were dealing with something special.”

And indeed, this sturgeon was beyond imagination. In themselves, these animals already have very special characteristics. Their existence dates back to the Triassic period , between 245 and 208 billion years ago. This is another reason they are compared to dinosaurs. What’s also incredible is that the sturgeons have remained almost unchanged for all this time, and can live to be over 100 years old .

The specimen that Yves and Dan observed could be between 70 and 100 years old . After witnessing, amazed, what nature put before their eyes, they released the fish in the river, in its natural habitat. The video in which the fishermen showed off the incredible encounter quickly became hugely popular on TikTok, where it racked up thousands and thousands of views and comments.

Incredible, isn’t it ?

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