Denmark To Build First Artificial Energy Island, Wind Power Will Satisfy 10 Million Homes.

It will be called VindØ, the world’s first energy island, built specifically to generate “green” electricity for millions of people. If you think that such a place is the product of your imagination or of an unrealizable project, you are wrong, because this is exactly what Denmark is going to do, through an ambitious initiative that aims to make history.

The government of the northern European country has approved the investment plan to build a real artificial island, located in the North Sea, about 80 km from the coast of Jutland, on which the big protagonist will be the wind. Yes, because it is precisely through wind power that it is estimated that the needs of 3 million families can be met. An energy center respectful of the environment never seen before, which aims for record efficiency and deserves to be discovered closely.


image credit: VindØ/Youtube

28 billion euros. this is the amount allocated to the Danish mega-island, with the unanimous support of the executive. VindØ will have a capacity of 3 gigawatts of wind power which, according to plans unveiled by the government, will increase to 10, after extensions. This means, in simple terms, that this renewable energy hub will be equivalent to 25 offshore wind farms.


image credit: VindØ/Youtube

It will not be a “simple” energy platform, but a real island with an area of ​​120,000 square meters, around which will be placed hundreds of wind turbines.


image credit: VindØ/Youtube

These wind turbines will provide energy not only to Danish consumers, but also to consumers in other European countries. It is estimated that once completed, the island will be able to cover the consumption of 10 million households .


image credit: VindØ/Youtube

According to the Danish government, “the pole will increase the production of renewable electricity with a view to achieving a climate neutral Europe”.


image credit: VindØ/Youtube

The wind turbines will transport the energy to the center of the island , from where it will then be sent to the desired destinations. A fascinating and impressive project by its scale, which could mark the beginning of a turning point in the field of clean and renewable energies , an aspect not to be underestimated in the perspective of a future where man will no longer harm the planet to meet its needs.

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