World’s First Artificial Cornea Transplant, 78-year-old Blind Man Regains Sight

Science manages to get where hope often ends. But Jamal Fulani, a 78-year-old Israeli, never gave up hope: he became the first blind to receive a successful artificial cornea transplant. The operation took place at the Rabin Medical Center, by a startup and the head of ophthalmology Professor Irit Bahar.


image credit: IsraelaMTL/twitter

The implant, called KPro, is made from a non-degradable synthetic nano-tissue and can replace a distorted or opaque cornea. It was developed by the Israeli company CorNeat Vision. It integrates into the wall of the eye without depending on donor tissue.

The patient had been suffering from near-total blindness for about 10 years. In addition, the operations he had previously undergone to improve his eyesight severely damaged his eyes. Once the bandages were removed, Jamal was able to recognize his daughter and numbers of different sizes whereas before he only saw blurry shapes.


image credit: IsraelaMTL/twitter

“The surgical procedure was straightforward and the result exceeded our expectations,” said Prof Irit Bahar. “The moment we removed the bandages was moving and meaningful. Times like these are the fulfillment of our vocation. of physicians. We are proud to be leading this moving and meaningful project that will undoubtedly have an impact on the lives of millions of people.”

Jamal has regained his sight and given hope to many people suffering from corneal disease.

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