12 Fascinating Photos Of Actors Immortalized With Their Most Famous Characters

One of the greatest “risks” (or chances!) For an actor is to be identified for a long time with a character he has played, a fictional figure who has become so emblematic in the common imagination that he cannot any longer get rid of it.

Think, to cite just two examples, of Harrison Ford with “his” Indiana Jones, or Henry Thomas with Elliott, ET’s son. Both played other roles, of course, but these stuck them. to the skin. Thus, the Dutch graphic designer Ard Gelinck, famous for his incredible photomontages, decided to “immortalize” the actors with their most famous characters. The results? They speak for themselves: all that remains is to discover some of his photos where reality has mingled perfectly with fiction!

#1. Henry Thomas, AND the alien and … Elliott, always be Henry Thomas!

#2. Dustin Hoffman next to “his” Raymond Babbitt from “Rain Man”

#3. Jack Nicholson sympathetically approaches Jack Torrance, the protagonist of “The Shining”

image credit: ardgelinck/Instagram

#4. Mork, from the series “Mork & Mindy”, photographed with his performer Robin Williams

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#5. Pippi Longstocking and Inger Nilsson, a few years later!

image credit: ardgelinck/Instagram

#6. Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones: They really seem to pose together!

image credit: ardgelinck/Instagram

#7. Lloyd Christmas, de “Dumb and Dumber” avec son “ami” Jim Carrey

image credit: ardgelinck/Instagram

#8. The famous Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix who poses with the actor who gave him life

#9. Sylvester Stallone “alongside” his famous Rambo and Rocky Balboa

#10. Who doesn’t remember the legendary Fonzie from “Happy Days”? Here he is next to his “alter ego” Henry Winkler!

image credit: ardgelinck/Instagram

#11. Dr. Doug Ross of “Emergency”, a character who made George Clooney famous

image credit: ardgelinck/Instagram

#12. Charlie Chaplin et son “vagabond” !

image credit: ardgelinck/Instagram

Doesn’t it seem like the actors and characters are really standing side by side?

source used: ardgelinck / Instagram

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