Farmer Can’t Find Anyone To Harvest His Citrus: He Loses $ 50 Million Crop.

Finding work is becoming more and more difficult: young people are struggling to find their place in the world, and the results do not always meet their expectations. There are those who have to make do and those who prefer to wait rather than settle for what they find. The pandemic caused by Covid-19, in many countries, has significantly worsened the situation: many people lost their jobs and found themselves forced to accept any job – and under any conditions – in order to to get out of it. But how is it that even though some employers are looking for staff, they cannot find anyone?


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The story we are going to tell you is certainly not an isolated case and, despite the urgency of finding a job, some people prefer to refuse it: why? Because wages and working conditions are anything but favorable. Ricardo Range is a farmer who lost $ 50 million due to a lack of workers. But whose fault is it? Ricardo is a farmer from Eldorado, in the province of Mtatiisiones, Argentina. He lost a huge amount of money because he couldn’t find anyone to work in his fields, harvesting citrus fruits. 1.5 million kilos of lemons and 200,000 kilos of oranges were thrown away. According to Ricardo and others, the fault lies with the government subsidies that many unemployed receive: they are too competitive with the wages offered to employees.


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Why do manual labor – and therefore work considered “minor”, such as work in the fields – if the state provides a higher income? It is unattractive for people to do seasonal work because they lose state aid and have to wait longer to get it again. We don’t know what the salary Ricardo offered, what working conditions were offered to potential employees, so we don’t know why no one was interested in the job. But Ricardo has lost a lot of money and he hopes he doesn’t have to face a similar situation in the future. Why do you think so many young people turn down a job?? Are they right to do so or do they have to work “at all costs”?

source used: The Nation

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