15 Photos Of ‘fantastic’ Animals Show Australia Is A Country For The Bravest

There are many reasons tourists from all over the world visit Australia summer in December, koalas, kangaroos, coral reefs, landscapes, and wildlife. Australia is a wonderful country, but it takes a lot of courage to visit it. You might be asking yourself, “So how do the locals live?” They are probably used to living with spiders of frightening dimensions, snakes hidden in every corner, crocodiles with terrifying jaws, bats of human dimensions. Those new to these animals maybe a little scared, but don’t let that put you off: Australia shouldn’t be loved just on postcards.

#1. A bat or a huge flying fox? This upside down animal observes the photographer with some insistence.

image credit: katica123/reddit

#2. You come home and find you have a new tenant. Or maybe better yet, owner?

image credit: YowieDingo/Reddit

#3. He looks like a giant lizard and has come to visit the inhabitants of the house. Or maybe it’s their pet?

image credit: markeso/reddit

#4. The young girl claims that she is one of the least dangerous spiders in Australia. Its appearance, however, is not reassuring.

image credit: PineappleDildo/reddit

#5. It is not snow or fog. What you see on the coffee table, the grass, and the trees is a web (or several webs) woven by spiders.

image credit: mad66/imgur

#6. Here is the majestic marine crocodile, the man thought to give him a snack. Are we sure the boat is not in danger?

image credit: robdedog89/imgur

#7. Is there an insect on the child or a child on the insect? The parents had the courage to immortalize the moment.

image credit: fancyfire/reddit

#8. It certainly shouldn’t be nice to find a snake in the toilet: the owners have taken everything apart.

image credit: Haga/reddit

#9. This blue-ringed octopus is said to be very poisonous, yet someone has the courage to hold it.

image credit: estacado/reddit

#10. Australia is home to one of the most dangerous birds, the cassowary: it is a very territorial animal and its attacks are very frequent.

image credit: concretebeats/reddit

#11. A man found this on his back door. Will he have the courage to leave the house to drive her away? There may be others in the area.

image credit: orionftheglade/reddit

#12. A typical Australian surprise. Watch where you put your hands!

image credit: /goodSumer34/Reddit

#13. This man claims that flies in Australia are much worse than spiders. Are they attracted to the color of the clothes?

image credit: kearvelli/reddit

#14. Here is another spider of frightening size. What courage he had to hold it and photograph it!

image credit: robstanley/imgur

#15. As there are never enough spiders in Australia, here is another one, pictured weaving her web.

image credit: bensamuel86 / instagram

You might have been fascinated by these animals or maybe you were almost scared. Do you think that Australia should be seen only on postcards?

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