11 Famous Photos That Were Believed To Be True And Turned Out To Be Fake

Although the web world is vast and rich in useful information, you have to know how to sort it out. Not all sites are trusted and not all of the photos we see are real. Many of them are clearly photomontages, and some are more difficult to identify than others and mislead even the most “experienced”. In any case, always verify a source before considering it reliable. In recent years, it has happened on several occasions that a photo reaches millions of Internet users, goes viral, then is “unmasked” as false. Here are some of the most famous.

#1. This lion was not abused to make the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerer logo, but he was just about to get a scan

image credit: twitter

#2. It was said to be the Egyptian sphinx covered in snow (the first snowfall in 112 years in North Africa). Although the photo has not been retouched, it is actually a mockup in the Tobu World Square theme park in Japan

image credit: hoaxes

#3. The caption of this photo claimed to be a Syrian child sleeping between the graves of his parents. In reality, he is the photographer’s nephew and, next to him, simple piles of stones are placed so that they look like graves

image credit: Abdul Aziz al Otaibi

#4. A team of National Geographic photographers chased by a bear: in fact, the bear is taken from an archival image

image credit: Reddit / EunByuL

#5. How many of you have dreamed of reaching this incredible place? It doesn’t really exist: the photo is a photomontage between a rock located in Thailand and a castle in Germany!

image credit: Imgur / SudhirKr

#6. The amazing and unique “black lion” is actually a lion whose color has been skillfully changed …

image credit: Imgur / SudhirKr

#7. Paul Santa Maria retouched the image of a spider on his house. He hadn’t thought the image could go viral, terrorizing arachnophobes around the world!

image credit: Imgur / SudhirKr

#8. The impact of deforestation: unfortunately WWF used the same photo to convey the important message and it is not a true photographic comparison between “before and after”.

image credit: Reddit / Carlefranki

#9. The wave of rice created by this guy while cooking is just too perfect … too …

image credit: Reddit / NotGAGE534

#10. The mustache was not enough, so we added eyebrows (false, them)

image credit: Reddit / uspanky8520

#11. No, the university of architecture did not make such a mistake …

image credit: Pinterest

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