15 Extremely Rare Species You Never Knew Existed In The Wild.

That nature is full of surprises and amazing things is now an established fact, there is an endless variety of species that inhabit our incredible planet. But many, we are sure, will not even know of the existence of these very rare 15 species. Existing in nature, it is extremely difficult to take pictures of them, yet a few brave people have witnessed the existence of these rare world curiosities. 

#1 .This melanistic cat is originally from Africa; it is called that because a genetic mutation involving melanin gives its hairs the very black pigment that distinguishes it.

image credit: flashpop/Imgur

#2. The Black Diamond apple is cultivated in the Tibetan regions and its dark purple skin seems to be from the story of Snow White!

image credit: Reddit

#3. Hymenopus coloratus is a very rare mantis native to Malaysia; its shape, reminiscent of an orchid, attracts birds with its bright color.

image credit: Flickr

#4. The rhino iguana gets its name from its characteristic shoots, such as the horns at the tip of the nose.

image credit: Imgur

#5. Qi Zai, a Qinling panda, is considered a very rare species of giant panda and the only brown panda in the wild!

image credit: Wikimedia

#6. Typically located in Southern California, the Mexican mole lizard is considered very rare, and although it doesn’t look like it, it does have five tiny fingers!

image credit: Josh Buckley/Wikimedia

#7. The Mexican alligator lizard is a rare species of arboreal lizard that is currently endangered and lives in areas between Mexico and Guatemala.

image credit: Reddit

#8. Amorphophallus titanum is one of the largest known flowering plants on Earth; think it blooms every 40 years for a few days!

image credit: Richard J. Rehman/Wikimedia

#9. In Australia, there is a very rare species of bright pink snail that lives and breeds exclusively in an isolated forest near an extinct volcano!

image credit: Pixabay

#10. The amethyst starling is a very rare bird in tropical Africa; its characteristic lies in its purple and indigo plumage!

image credit: Imgur

#11. Ayam cemani, also called “Gothic Chicken”, is a chicken whose hyperpigmentation makes it completely black, from the feathers to the internal organs!

image credit: Kangwira/Wikimedia

#12. The Papilio androgeus is a kind of “bilateral gynandromorph” butterfly, which is literally half male and half female!

image credit: Notafly/Wikimedia

#13. Blue mycene, or commonly known as “Fairy Parasole”, is a non-bioluminescent blue fungus found in and around Australia.

image credit: Twitter

#14. The Ili Pika, also called the “magic rabbit”, is a very rare species of mammal that was recently spotted after 20 years.

image credit: Pixabay

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