15 “Extra-large” Animals Capable Of Making The Humans Around Them Seem Tiny

Even though our minds are prone to associate a specific animal with specific dimensions, we learn every day that nothing is so obvious in nature. So even a simple harmless “kitten” can manifest itself in the features of a specimen of truly extraordinary dimensions.

These are animals so large that they almost impress the humans around them. It is precise to these particular creatures that the photos that we have gathered below are dedicated: let yourself be surprised and admire some of the largest specimens in circulation!

#1. Is it a dog or … a bear?

image credit: microwave_head/reddit

#2. If the muzzle is that big, imagine the rest …

image credit: reddit

#3. Bob, my huge little dog!

image credit: Eastern-Ad-4785/reddit

#4. A gigantic horse, to say the least: the photo comments on itself!

image credit: Ninja_Spi-D-er / reddit

#5. Huge unexpected guests on the boat …

image credit: reddit

#6. Difficult to call him “dog-dog” …

image credit: reddit

#7. Do not call it “cow”: it is much, much more than that …

image credit: Moxhoney411/reddit

#8. My brother’s puppy is only 8 weeks old and already weighs 15 kg!

image credit: GingeSyringe/reddit

#9. Quite frightening, although fascinating in all its greatness!

image credit: reddit

#10. After all, who wouldn’t want to hug a fat cat like that?

image credit: imelady314/reddit

#11. Simply majestic: there are no other words to describe it!

image credit: Papkin36/reddit

#12. Patrick, a huge pet!

image credit: reddit

#13. Nice and tall!

image credit: ufordTeeJustice/reddit

#14. He was destined to become some kind of giant!

image credit: Fhoxyd22/reddit

#15. Forget the cute “classic” squirrels: this one is nothing short of huge!

image credit: CobalterMC/reddit

Have you ever seen animal specimens of this size?

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