Expectations Vs Reality :) Times It Couldn’t Be Worse

How often are expectations, what we anticipate and wait for with apprehension, dashed by a reality that falls short? While it is true that the reverse can also happen, by falling on real unexpected strokes of luck, it is certainly more common to experience the feeling of disappointment that stems from unfulfilled hopes. Let’s take the example of online shopping who has never seen an item that seemed perfect to them, never put it in their basket and never proceeded to payment, only to have an item delivered to their home that does not nothing to do with the image seen on the site? Or to order a job by giving precise instructions which are not followed? But certainly the most infuriating thing is food, one of the greatest pleasures of the food purchased does not correspond to what is presented on the packaging , which made our mouths water, it is difficult to keep calm!

We see 13 times where it couldn’t be worse.

1. Tacos

“New breakfast tacos”.

2. A pale imitation

“I understand the size difference, but I can’t forgive the color.”

3. New color

“I paid the stylist $700 to do this for me, he pointed out that the result was identical to the photos.”

4. Footprints

“My 9 month old twins”.

5. Disappointment

“My mother learned why you shouldn’t buy online”.

6. SpongeBob Ice Cream

“Has anyone ever found the version shown on the packaging?”

7. Cheating

“Is this a joke?”

8. Not really twins

“I swear I wanted the cutie on the left.”

9. Maquillage d’Halloween

“$60 ‘professional’ makeup for Halloween. I asked for the same result as in the photo on the left. On the right, this is what the makeup artist did for me”.

10. Candy

This cup was supposed to be “full” of candy.

11. Fortune Cookie

“I ordered Chinese takeout and looked for my fortune cookie, but found this…”

12. Landscape

“I guess I won’t be able to admire the breathtaking landscapes of Norway.”

13. Cake

“My girlfriend spent $100 to bake me a White Claw cake for my birthday. She wasn’t very happy with the result.”

And you, do you have any examples to tell us?

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