Boy Invents Wind Turbine That Produces Electricity And Clean Water For People In Need

There are things that many of us take for granted, which are of course part of our daily life, but which are not at all as “normal” for many other people in the world. Think, for example, of drinking water. In the “rich” Western world, it would be almost impossible to think of not having one. Yet our planet is so full of inequalities that in many parts of the world, men, women, and children still do not have access to this essential resource, nor to toilets or electricity.

Therefore, whenever people of goodwill and ingenuity present their ideas for improving the situation, there is certainly something to be celebrated. Madhu Vajrakarur is one of them, and with his special wind turbine, he represents real hope.


image credit: Madhu Vajrakarur / Facebook

We are in India, where this young inventor thought of intervening in favor of a problem that has always afflicted his community, namely the lack of drinking water. With an electrical engineering degree, Madhu was able to develop a special wind turbine that produces drinking water and electricity from moisture in the air.

What could be better, in fact, than to produce useful elements from what nature itself makes available to us? Based on this fundamental assumption, Vajrakarur’s invention does even more, as it provides essential services to families who have never had them.

Its solution, simple but innovative, is a wind turbine powered by a 30 kW wind turbine with an air intake in the center. The air is thus sucked in and then cooled by a compressor. The water vapor in humid air is thus transformed into water, then filtered and purified, for a total production of about 80 to 100 liters per day.


image credit: Madhu Vajrakarur / Facebook

Water and electricity shortages can thus be avoided in a practical and efficient way. The turbine designed and built by Madhu could be a very useful aid in many areas that are difficult to access and characterized by a particularly humid climate, which is certainly not uncommon in a country like India.

It only remains to congratulate this boy who put his intelligence at the service of those who need it and the concrete needs that affect thousands of people every day.

source used: Inceptivemind

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