15 Real Photos That Seem To Belong To Other Worlds

It is part of our human nature to be afraid of the unknown, after all the survival instinct is 1000 out of possible chances of getting hurt. But thanks to very curious people, who somehow manage to overcome this fear, there is less and less mystery in our world.

So when you just record an unusual phenomenon or something you don’t know what it is about, just put it on the internet, and scientists or travelers will tell you what it is about.

Knowing this, we will show you 15 interesting pictures, showing some strange things and phenomena that have created some hot discussions on the internet. Check out.

#15 – So are the balls that are inside some aerosol products

And they do not fail to impress children with their beauty.

#14 – An unusual phenomenon has been recorded

This incredible phenomenon is created by the reflection of light from small ice crystals, which are suspended in the atmosphere or comprising high altitude clouds.

#13 – Is this the end of the world?

A diver on the brink of a fall.

#12 – The famous “Blue Lagoon” really exists:

This lagoon is surrounded by legends: people who swim in it are said to die shortly after. However, if you put this water in a glass, it loses its unusual color. According to one of the theories, the coloration is due to the minerals present at the bottom of the pond.

Almost everyone has this super power in winter – just contact warm synthetic clothing and static electricity appears. If you increase the humidity in the room, the effect will disappear. To avoid static electricity charges, it is best to choose clothing made from natural fibers.

#10 – This house looked like this after the snowstorm in Ohio:

#9 – Claws of a Southern Cassowary, a bird larger than an ostrich:

#8 – Eggs boiled in a volcano

Legend has it that in the volcanic valley of Owakudani in Japan, only here, it is possible to cook eggs in puddles of water mixed with hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide to extend life for seven years.

#7 – Building that “is difficult” to see:

Jokes aside, this is just an optical illusion. This is a triangular building in Singapore, and the photo looks like this when captured from a specific angle.

#6 – There are abnormal places where lamps shine by themselves:

It is electromagnetic radiation, which forms around power lines, that causes lamps to light themselves, hair to stand on end, and air to smell of ozone.

#5 – Strange signs in the trees

In fact, these signs are well known … or did you not see the woodpecker drawing during childhood?

#4 – An ancient artifact found on the beach

Believe it or not, but this is agate in a snail shell. The mineral literally conquered this space and expelled the former resident.

#3 – The Portuguese Reading Office, in Rio de Janeiro:

#2 – Giant bat … that incredibly, only feeds on fruits:

#1 – They seem luxurious, right?

Bonus: A little dragon?

This is a rare Mexican crocodile lizard. They are threatened with extinction due to deforestation and poachers.

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