These Drawings Show Us The Huge Difference Between Living With And Without A Dog

Ademar Vieira is the name of the artist behind these illustrations which show us the substantial differences between a person’s life with and without a dog. Although still little known in the field of illustration, this artist is beginning to make a name for himself for his representations of everyday life. Among all his works, the one that impressed us the most is “The Choice”.


image credit: Ademar Vieira

The first thing that strikes us is certainly the choice of name, which immediately captures the importance of the decision to adopt a dog. While this may seem like a minor commitment at first glance, we must consider that the choice we are about to make will influence the course of our life in a very positive way, but will undoubtedly lead us to a larger commitment. With his imagination, the author draws a line between two worlds, the one in which a boy decides to adopt the puppy that is brought to him. One in which he refuses the offer. And the difference is substantial.

After a short break, the author resumed publishing, identifying even more with the lives of each of us, facing the most common dilemmas of the human soul.


image credit: Ademar Vieira

Ademar also took a little digression to his recent social media hit: “I couldn’t expect one of my thumbnails to go famous and go viral across South America. It happened in June. this year. I received 100,000 likes and gained at least 20,000 followers in one week. “


image credit: Ademar Vieira

“All this attention has made me feel the weight of responsibility, now I no longer do drawings for my friends or family. I am also seen in other parts of the world and that inevitably means I have to be more careful. what I say and the way I express myself in front of an international audience “.


image credit: Ademar Vieira

Ademar is happy to have found his audience and on the story he reiterates the importance of choosing to adopt a dog and what it entails. It is clear from his vignettes that what often seems like a small decision changes us deeply. 


image credit: Ademar Vieira


image credit: Ademar Vieira


image credit: Ademar Vieira

Loving a dog, taking care of him and accompanying him in all phases of his life opens up perspectives that only those who have lived can truly understand. Ademar’s pretty designs attempt to illustrate the life of a boy who chooses company over solitude, petting a puppy rather than watching television.

source used: Ademar Vieira

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