Double Mustache Fashion Is Coming: 15 Examples Of Looks That We Hope Will Soon Be Forgotten.

Fashions, by their very nature, are transitory. They arrive, we do not know how and for what reason, leave people a little taken aback and a little amused, and then they disappear. Some things, which were used a lot in the past, often come back into fashion, although we sincerely hope that the trend that we are about to tell you about will run its course quickly and be forgotten for a long time. After the monkey tail beard trend, here it is: the double mustache trend. The internet is filling up with photos of double mustaches, and they seem to pop up like mushrooms after a rainy night. Well, we already knew that mustaches are a source of pride for many men, who acquire a certain charm thanks to them. There are chevron whiskers, hawk whiskers, handlebar whiskers, English whiskers, fly whiskers, Mexican whiskers, French whiskers, and many more. But who could have imagined that this new fashion would see the light of day? On the face of men, the upper mustache (the one that sits just above the upper lip) is accompanied by a lower mustache (that sits at the level of the chin), or a double mustache. We have selected 15 images that can explain the how, even if we fail to understand the why.

#1. You can’t see the mouth, it’s completely gone.

image credit: wornpixel/reddit

#2. It takes a lot of imagination.

image credit: wornpixel/reddit

#3. With a goatee, he would have been more charming.

image credit: wornpixel/reddit

#4. A double mustache.

image credit: wornpixel/reddit

#5. Not bad too!

image credit: wornpixel/reddit

#6. Not just the double mustache.

image credit: dress for less instagram

He decided to complete the look with a full beard.

#7. He is art and he is a misunderstood artist.

image credit: chin twin smyth instagram

#8. It almost looks like a double mouth.

image credit: SiomarTehBeefalo reddit

#9. Looks like an optical illusion.

image credit: doublestachesproduct instagram

How many mustaches do you see in this photo?

#10. A massive double mustache.

image credit: stevenlosier instagram

#11. Two different types of mustaches.

image credit: bradmiller instagram

#12. A double mustache framing the upper lip.

image credit: youandme van instagram

#13. It takes a lot of dexterity to achieve this precision.

image credit: hairfoliolio instagram

#14. How long does it take to arrange them?

image credit: dangeruss777 instagram

#15. He too could not help but follow fashion.

image credit: barbhairshop instagram

You guessed it: we don’t encourage this trend, although it must be fun to walk out of your house with a double mustache just to watch people’s reactions. And as more and more men share their new looks, we hope that we will soon return to the “normal”: when that is, a mustache was just a mustache and under the lower lip it there was simply a beard. We are waiting for your opinion: are they elegant and flirtatious or just silly and tasteless?

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