17 Doors And Portals So Special That We Would Like To Stay Outside To Admire Them.

Sometimes creativity can be expressed even through the simplest and most obvious objects. Think, for example, of a front door or gate few people would initially associate these elements in every home with opportunities to express their creativity and welcome people in an unforgettable way.

Just look at the photos we’ve put together below to get in touch with 17 of the most extravagant doors and gates in circulation. Some are the work of artists and designers, others are the work of “unknown” but no less talented people, or bear the fascinating signs of the time. In short: these doors and gates are so special that we almost want to stay outside and admire them!

#1. I walk past this portal made of birds every day on my way to work: impossible not to notice it!

image credit: Scott Sandars/Flickr

#2. An incredible door in the shape of a dragon: it is located in Dublin!

image credit: SquareMelon/reddit

#3. A magnificent Art Nouveau door in Paris: the work of Jules Lavirotte

image credit: BeardedGlass/reddit

#4. This door really makes you want to take a trip to the savannah!

image credit: Pinterest

#5. Farewell to the usual horizontal or vertical bars: this door is entirely made of … clamps!

image credit: KevlarYarmulke/reddit

#6. This door from Gaudi’s Casa Milá in Barcelona (or “La Pedrera”) is inspired by the pattern found on the wings of Monarch butterflies!

image credit: icywoodz/reddit

#7. As realistic as they are special, these bees in relief!

image credit: Pinterest

#8. Have you ever seen a gate made with DIY tools?

image credit: dogemone123/reddit

#9. Particularly the door, particular the whole house: this Art Nouveau building is located in Brussels

image credit: beejeezP0P/reddit

#10. At first glance, it may look like a normal gate, but in fact it hides the number “118”, which is the number of this house!

image credit: reddit

#11. Definitely original and out of the ordinary, this portal located in Berlin!

image credit: dumezil/reddit

#12. A unique three-dimensional effect!

image credit: reddit

#13. New portal? Why not reuse an old bicycle?

image credit: Blake001/reddit

#14. Here it is not so much the door that is special, but the effect that the rust has created on it over the years: it looks like a country landscape!

image credit: rOlFmaIeR/reddit

#15. Again, nature and the passage of time have made an ordinary door very special: it fits perfectly into this bush!

image credit: Swotboy2000/reddit

#16. A door to admire: we are in Armenia

image credit: reddit

#17. How to make a simple school portal special!

image credit: BTG02/reddit

Have you ever seen doors and portals like these?

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