15 Photos That Don’t Need Photoshop To Impress You

The most valuable photos are not the ones that are edited.

In the age of technology, anyone can make an ordinary photo look impressive with the help of Photoshop. However, the most valuable images are those that were captured with perfect timing and at the correct angle.

In this list, we present you with several photographs that are surprising and that did not need the editing of any retoucher to impress those who shared them.

#1. This graffiti makes the wall appear to be transparent.

#2. Chimera cats are what make their melanin look like they are two cats in one.

#3. Reflection of sunlight on a casino building in Melbourne, Australia.

#4. An abandoned apartment building reclaimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia.

#5. This viaduct in southern England.

#6. How to support a building after an earthquake in Taiwan.

#7. “I saw an albino deer in Northwest Wisconsin yesterday.”

#8. “I was mowing the grass and I found this pink grasshopper.”

#9. I took photos of fireworks and ended up with a “nebula”.

#10. This storm front turned the sky green.

#11. A sunken ship in Antarctica.

#12. ‘Mammatus’ clouds over Kansas, USA.

#13. A space shuttle leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

#14. This tree was struck by lightning 3 hours ago.

#15. Ice suspended from trees after winter floods.

Do you have amazing photographs? Leave them in the comments. Share this note with your loved ones to surprise them.

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