Donation To A Zoo Of The “Megaspider”, An Extremely Poisonous Spider Which Can Pierce A Fingernail With Its Fangs

If you are afraid of spiders, we caution you: what you will read and see is not for you. Not everyone has a good rapport with these animals which, in certain specific cases, like here, can have some impressive characteristics, to say the least.

The nickname of this spider says it all: it is called ” Megaspider ” and in front of creatures like this, it is really impressive to see how far it can go and what wonders Mother Nature can offer us. And where could you find such a super spider if not in Australia? Let’s take a closer look.


image credit: Australian Reptile Park/Facebook Screenshot

Eight centimeters in total length, fangs measuring two centimeters, and a body of five centimeters: these data alone are enough to understand that we are dealing with exceptional dimensions for a funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus to use the scientific definition ).

The arachnid in question was donated to Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales by an unnamed person, and it immediately made headlines everywhere. The reasons are not only its larger than normal size, but also and above all what the creature “hides” inside: an extremely powerful poison , which will be used for specific medical programs.


image credit: Australian Reptile Park/Facebook Screenshot

It’s no secret that Australia’s beautiful and unique nature is often associated with awe-inspiring spiders like this one. Its fangs are said to be so powerful that they can pierce a human’s fingernails! But the greatest excitement aroused by this arachnid comes from the poisonous serum it contains.


image credit: Australian Reptile Park/Facebook Screenshot

“It is an unusual size and if we can convince people to donate more spiders like this we will be able to save more lives because of the enormous amount of venom they can produce,” he said. Reptile Park Manager Michael Tate said, “So we can’t wait to find out where she came from and find more .”


image credit: Australian Reptile Park/Facebook Screenshot

This strain is both famous and dreaded due to the extremely fast and highly toxic venom it can produce. And while this is not the largest and most dangerous spider known in Australia, it is certainly a record for its species.


image credit: Australian Reptile Park/Facebook Screenshot

“The hope is to find other spiders as large and producing greater amounts of venom than this one,” Tate continues, “which will be very useful for the antivenom program. The Megaspider in question has been included in the zoo’s research. to create antidotes, during which its serum will be taken to be processed by a company that will use it for life-saving drugs in the event of a bite. As dangerous as it is useful, then: what do you think of this super spider?

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