16 Times Dogs Were Surprised By Their Owners Napping In The Funniest Poses

Sleeping is one of the joys of life. This is the case for us, who lie under the covers hoping the alarm clock never rings, and this is also true for our four-legged friends. The only difference is that they can rest and not have to justify delays at work, without running the risk of being reprimanded. They sleep perfectly anytime and anywhere: when sleep calls them, they respond immediately. And it does not matter whether they are on the floor, with their muzzle in the bowl, on a pair of shoes, or in the middle of very soft cushions: for their masters, it is always a good time to immortalize them in the softest poses and at the same time the most absurd.

#1. How does he get comfortable with his paw hanging down and his muzzle resting on a hard table?

image credit: Jacinta Jenkins/facebook

#2. He fell asleep quietly next to his masters and, in order not to be cold, he was wrapped in a blanket.

image credit: Ginger Albritton/facebook

#3. This is really improbable. How did he fall asleep with two tennis balls in his mouth?

image credit: Hedwig Kos Verhagen / facebook

#4. Even shoes can be incredibly comfortable: one placket in one and the tongue in the other.

image credit: Darin Sanders/facebook

#5. He seems to be performing an artistic gymnastic exercise: legs straight out and neck extended to warm up the muscles.

image credit: Jessica Beadling/facebook

#6. When sleep arrives, not even hunger can stop it: this puppy has fallen asleep on the kibble.

image credit: Becky Murdoff Sherfey/facebook

#7. The bunk was obviously not comfortable enough: he felt the need to rest his head on the floor.

image credit: Kristy Adams/facebook

#8. The sticking out tongue is a sign that the dog is relaxed, but isn’t the hairs on the blanket a bit annoying?

image credit: Kassidy Huston/facebook

#9. Even for him, the mattress was not comfortable enough: he chose to lie upside down to sleep better.

image credit: Audrey Garcia/facebook

#10. Was he finished eating or was he waiting for the food to arrive? Perhaps the first case: with a full stomach, sleep suddenly comes.

image credit: Rizza Panuncillon Oresco/facebook

#11. He has a blissful head: lying on the bed, his muzzle between the pillows, like a self-respecting prince.

image credit: Kathleen Riodan Meehan/facebook

#12. He also exercises, but physical activity is tiring. He fell asleep blissfully between the legs of his mistress.

image credit: Katelynn Renee/facebook

#13. This puppy couldn’t wait either: he fell asleep with his muzzle on the bowl.

image credit: Jessica Smith/facebook

#14. This little man, in his romper, fell asleep in his master’s arms: paws in the air and good night everyone!

image credit: Htet Wai Lwin/facebook

#15. He couldn’t be more comfortable: his paws on the sofa and his head on the soft cushion. What a beautiful life !

image credit: Courtney Parker/facebook

#16. The suitcase is also a comfortable place to sleep, especially when there is plenty of clothes to leave hair on.

image credit: Denise Halstead/facebook

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