Dogs In The Car, 20 Hilarious Situations Where Owners Immortalized Their Doggies On Board

We madly love our four-legged friends, and yet we have learned to live with their momentary quirks. For example, have you ever noticed that when you get your dog friends into the car, they can adopt the most absurd and sometimes hilarious attitudes? Whether they are sleeping or dozing behind your seat, seeking your attention or particularly attracted to the window, our dogs in a car can make them see all the colors  !

#1. Impossible that your dog has not done this at least once … sleeping in a car in an absurd position!

image credit: Imgur

#2. Even if you don’t let him sit in the front seat, his little head will still stick out from behind to keep you company!

image credit: Imgur

#3. How sweet this dog is. Watch as he kisses his master …

image credit: Morty_Goldman/Reddit

#4. This is the position in which my dog ​​moves in a car … but how does he manage to stand on his hind legs?

image credit: Imgur

#5. The driver of the car in front of me gives me an affectionate sign …

image credit: mohclarck/Reddit

#6. But how can he rest in the car in this position?

image credit: miau_am/Reddit

#7. This poor dog really doesn’t like traveling by car …

image credit: kylehk/Reddit

#8. “Help me !”

image credit: frazzlecake96/Reddit

#9. What ?

image credit: PB_Monk3y/Reddit

#10. He looks so excited to go for a drive!

image credit: Xylinna/Reddit

#11. Someone is apparently not happy to get in the car …

image credit: igotadoctordog/Reddit

#12. My dog ​​stayed like this for an hour …

image credit: unknown/Reddit

#13. The fear of traveling by car also affected this dog, apparently …

image credit: OfficialPickle734/Reddit

#14. A little scared?

image credit: Imgur

#15. Very attentive to the road the doggie!

image credit: PLUSSgnenergy / Reddit

#16. A little moment of well-being

image credit: too-tsunami/Reddit

#17. When your dog takes a look at the delicious food that awaits him out of the car!

image credit: cameronwittig/Reddit

#18. Attention: puppy on board!

image credit:

#19. Is it rolling in front?

image credit: mellohorn/Reddit

#20. “Hello, could you show me the way?”

image credit: Imgur

Unpredictable, totally incorrigible, and always hilarious, our dogs in a car will never stop making us laugh!

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