This Girl Feeds Her Dog With 100% Vegan Meals, “Everyone Should Do The Same”

Steak, meatballs, chicken when you think of a dog’s diet, foods like these surely come to mind. However, it is not always so obvious. Judging by the choice of the woman we’re about to talk about – and many other people around the world – it looks like vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming more and more popular, even for four-legged friends.

Rebecca Nadler , 26, has been feeding her dog Ella on a 100% vegan diet for several years. She couldn’t be happier with her choice, to the point of inviting all dog owners to follow her example.


image credit: doggovegan/Instagram

While this may seem strange to some or perhaps not in line with the food a dog deserves to eat, Rebecca assures her that her Ella enjoys excellent health . Just like her mistress, she eats varied and rigorously prepared meals by hand, healthy and based on nature’s products, and Rebecca even assures us that she thus saves on her monthly budget for the dog.


image credit: doggovegan/Instagram

Wholemeal pasta, chickpeas, lentils, sweet potatoes, flax seeds, carrots, fruits, and smoothies are just a few of the vegan dishes she prepares for herself and her inseparable companion. Ella is really treated with the utmost care, especially when it comes to food. Rebecca always makes sure that she is sufficiently hydrated and that her meals contain all the necessary nutrients, from proteins to vitamins.


image credit: Mercury Press & Media – Metro

“If I cook for myself, I always do a little extra for her too,” said the young girl. Before adopting Ella, she had another dog that she fed a meat diet, and it was when she went vegan herself that she thought that choice could be extended to the animal also .


image credit: Mercury Press & Media – Metro

An alternative approach that Rebecca has decided to share with everyone. While there is no shortage of negative comments and criticism of her choice, from people who accuse her of “starving” the dog, Rebecca is more convinced than ever of her mission. “I take her to the vet on a regular basis and she has never had any health problems,” she commented. “This is not necessarily the case with dogs who have to get their protein from meat. , we do not harm other animals and we eat healthily “.

What do you think ? Would you like to offer your dog a vegan diet ?

source of used: Metro

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