Her Dog Is Losing So Much Hair That The Mistress Decides To Pick It Up And Put It On A Pair Of Boots

Many people who have dogs and cats in their homes know that the problem of hair loss is a really annoying reality to deal with on a daily basis. No matter how much you brush them or how much you take care of them: our four-legged friends always know how to “infest” the whole house with their fur.

This is even truer in the case of animals with particularly thick and long hair, like Nimbus, the white and fluffy dog ​​that we are going to tell you about. Her mistress, aware of the situation, decided to take advantage of the white hairs that the little one left everywhere. So, instead of throwing them away, she decided to recycle them to create something original and pretty at the same time!


image credit: Soleil Pond – The Dodo

“I started to keep her hair when I saw that it had an incredible potential for transformation”, says Soleil Pond, the human friend of Nimbus, whereby “transformation” simply meant the possibility of transforming it. in something else.


image credit: Soleil Pond – The Dodo

So, with a little ingenuity and a lot of originality, she decided that the hairs she had collected would become a perfect covering for her boots. Yes, you read that correctly: Soleil turned to a friend and within days she was absolutely satisfied with what she had created.


image credit: Soleil Pond – The Dodo

The boots covered with white fur Nimbus are an incredible tribute to the little dog with paw prints on the rear part.


image credit: Soleil Pond – The Dodo

After posting the creation of social networks, the girl received many admiring comments from Internet users.


image credit: Soleil Pond – The Dodo

“They’re super warm, comfy, and super cute,” she said. “If all that fur can keep Nimbus warm, it’ll do a great job for my feet too!”

What do you think? Do you have the idea of ​​using your dog’s hair in another way?

Source used:

The Dodo

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