Dog Helps Owner To Get Out Of The Car With The Snout Of The Purchases From The Supermarket.

As many animal experts are able to say, puppies can be trained to levels that are truly amazing. We may know more about this from those obstacle competitions. In which we have seen dogs jump fences or even go through difficult sections full of tubes or similar houses. But dog training doesn’t have to go for tricks alone. They can also learn to do their part in household chores .

An adorable Labrador retriever showed just how well-trained he is by giving his owner a hand with her grocery shopping . After parking the car in the driveway of her house, a woman was preparing to lower some bags that she brought with belongings, food and other household items. But before starting to lower the bags, it occurred to her to test if her puppy training had worked . Telling her to go lend a hand, the woman was able to delight in watching her little dog run to the car, only to return with a bag dangling from her muzzle.

The first bag she brings seems small, loaded with only a couple of things . The puppy leaves her without any problem at the owner’s feet . But the next one with which he dares is the real challenge. Grabbing one so heavy that it makes even his owner a little worried, the pup walks with ease carrying what appears to be more than five items . Against all odds, he manages to safely drop them off in the same place as the previous bag.

One of the funny aspects of the video is that along with the very well-behaved Labrador retriever, a Border Collie just watches things happen. According to popular wisdom and experts, this breed is the one with the greatest capacity to learn very complex tasks . But in this case, the sophisticated Border simply stands on the sidelines, watching his partner De he go by. It could be that his partner teaches the same trick to this confused Border Collie herself, or it could be that he just watches it without really understanding what is going on. Anyway, that woman already has a kind and valuable helper for when she goes shopping for the month.

Below you can see the video of this adorable labrador helping his owner with the shopping bags

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