Do Not Throw Away Eggshells Anymore: They Solve These 3 Problems In The Kitchen.

When we prepare an egg-based recipe, we instinctively throw away the shells because we consider their food waste. But shells, like so much other junk, could be useful in many different ways, allowing us to waste nothing and create items, tools, and resources at a very low cost. They can be used to create objects, candle holders, children’s toys, but that’s not all. Like other food waste – just think of the lemon zest, for example – the shells of eggs can also solve some problems. Let’s see which ones.


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Removing Encrustations From Pans: It may sound strange, but with the help of eggshells, one can remove the remaining encrustation from our pans. Perhaps the food stuck to a nonstick skillet or was almost burnt. Don’t panic, take the eggshells and break them into very small pieces. Now distribute them over the surface of the particularly encrusted pan or pan and add a little salt. Then cover the surface of the saucepan, and therefore the shells, with hot water. You can then scrub with a sponge: in no time and with a minimum of effort, your pans will shine again.


image credit: Flickr

Removing wine or coffee stains: Have you heard of those nasty dark stains that cover the surface of cups and glasses that have held a coloring drink? The cups appear to be turning yellow and the glasses are becoming opaque. Eggshells can also come in handy here. Again, just break the shells and place them in the container you want to clean. Fill it with hot water and let it soak overnight. The next morning the stains will come off very easily.

Sharpen the Blender Blades: After a long time and several uses, the blender blades become less sharp. You don’t need any special tools to solve this problem – eggshells also do the trick. But you must first leave them in the freezer for a few hours to harden them. At this point, you can put the frozen shells in the blender and pour a little water. Spin the blades for a few seconds and let the blender chop the shells. Thanks to the frozen shells, the blades will be sharp in a few minutes and without effort.

But eggshells are not only valuable in the kitchen – they can be a valuable fertilizer, and they are also a great bleach for laundry. Did you know these alternative uses?

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