15 Diy Projects So Questionable That No One Should Try To Emulate Them

Using old items to create new ones is not a skill for everyone, but one that needs to be taught and cultivated. We don’t guarantee that the 16 DIY project photos are examples of innovative design, but they are certainly attempting to admire for their ingenuity and creativity: why throw things away instead of recycling them and giving them new life and a new use? You will notice in these photos that not everyone has an artistic streak and good taste, but we are sure that – in many cases – you can come up with some interesting ideas for recovering what you no longer use.

#1. The shape is very similar, so why not adorn the stepladder with lights and make an alternative Christmas tree?

image credit: Schetch_crush/reddit

#2. The dashboard has become a small vegetable patch of earth, flowers and succulents. It is certain that no one will step on it.

image credit: mannequinfactory/reddit

#3. The traditional carpet is no longer used, but the stairs must be protected. So why not use old jeans?

image credit: niko13107/reddit

#4. This stool needed a new life: pants, a pair of shoes and now he’s ready to play football.

image credit: taffle bottom/reddit

#5. Yes, the car’s sunroof has an irresistible appeal. It’s fake and will never open, but it’s still a secret.

image credit: mr poodlepants/reddit

#6. Can a pair of heelless shoes and two small dinosaurs go together? We’re not so sure, but we like the idea.

image credit: barefoothippiedesign/reddit

#7. It was a camera, but it was taken apart and a bulb was inserted inside. Now it is a beacon that can light up the darkest evenings.

image credit: grothorious / reddit

#8. This time old pennies were used to cover the body of the car: was it intended to make it shine or to hide flaws?

image credit: what_u_say/reddit

#9. These jeans have been transformed into boots / thongs: one could argue about the beauty of the thing, but there is nothing wrong with the skill of the execution.

image credit: weberhed/reddit

#10. These bulbs had to stay away from each other: a hanger and tape solved the problem.

image credit: IAMmojo/reddit

#11. It is easy to have parts of the car replaced by the mechanic, but having them custom made from wood is … remarkable!

image credit: orthodoxwarlocks/reddit

#12. Unused forks, with a few bends and a little wire, can become spare candle holders for lighting the house.

image credit: targaryenPie/reddit

#13. These chairs were made with doors: their comfort may be questionable, but the imagination of those who made them, no!

image credit: BQJJ/reddit

#14. They were looking for a bigger table, but this one was built: it seems stable, but will it be able to support the weight of the work?

image credit: redditmarmot/reddit

#15. Has an unused umbrella given new life or a new frontier in gardening? The result is not that bad.

image credit: pineapplelife3/reddit

Not everyone can give new life to objects: we have seen works of sometimes dubious taste. But doing it as a hobby is a great way to hone your manual skills. What was your favorite creation?

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