9 Dishes So Carefully Presented It’s Almost A Sin To Eat Them

For many people, cooking is just a way to achieve a specific goal, that is to say, to appease their hunger or to take away a culinary desire; because let’s be honest, everyone really likes to eat. But many may not know that cooking becomes a complete culinary art when passionate and talented people with an artistic and creative eye set out to create dishes worthy of masterpieces. A few ingredients are enough to make real paintings on your plate. Here are some examples to leave you speechless.

#1. The floral patterns on the surface of this focaccia consist of red onions, oregano, chives and sorrel

image credit: Reddit

#2. A sandwich with hamburger, lettuce and cheese can turn into a pretty crocodile … if you leave your mouth open!

image credit: Pinterest

#3. Rice, vegetables, fruits: it doesn’t take much to enter a magical world with a Japanese flavor!

image credit: Reddit

#4. “Tulips” stuffed with tomatoes and spring onions … a treat!

image credit: Pinterest

#5. A pizza in the colors of the rainbow: it almost seems a shame to eat these slices so colorful!

image credit: Pinterest

#6. Little pandas made of rice that seem to literally eat all that red sauce!

#7. A very pretty Winnie The Pooh spread on this toast: everything you need to have a good day!

#8. Yes, it’s a Canned Rice Pikachu: your kids will love it!

#9. A mother made a sushi decorated with smiling children’s faces for her son’s first day of school … isn’t that beautiful?

Have you also tried at least once in your life to create an artistic dish like the ones we have shown you?

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