Workers Dig Well In Man’s Garden, Discover Sapphires Worth $ 100 Million.

How many of us have always dreamed of finding treasure while digging in our own backyard? It is believed that there are almost limitless treasures hidden in the depths of the sea or underground. Between gold coins, historical objects of incredible value, and precious stones, the logic of the great number perhaps justifies the organization of an expedition in search of the treasures never found. And yet, in the heart of Sri Lanka, lucky workers didn’t have to make big plans to find treasure worth eight digits …

While working on a well in the yard of a gem merchant in Ratnapura (famous for its gemstones), workers came across a strange rock formation. Noticing the irregularity of the basement, they immediately alerted the owner of the house who, ironically, is a gem merchant.

The news spread so quickly that it ended up on the world’s major news channels. The BBC immediately took an interest in the case by questioning the men present at the scene at the time of the discovery: “We came across this enormous specimen”. Mr Gamage told the BBC it took over a year to wash the “cluster” of 1,124-pound sapphires, analyze the stone and finally certify it.

While he was busy cleaning the stone, the man noticed that small sapphire stones of very good quality were slowly coming off. A sign that does not happen very often in terms of minerals, and the happy trader knew that this was an important indicator: the value of these stones could be astronomical .

The 99-centimeter long and 71-centimeter wide group was later dubbed ” Serendipity Sapphire ” by Sri Lanka’s famous English-language newspaper, The Nation. The BBC also reported that the experts, after carefully analyzing each sapphire, came to a unanimous conclusion: the value could reach $ 100 million.

“I have never seen such a specimen,” renowned gemologist Gamini Zoysa told the BBC. According to the expert, it could have formed more than 400 million years ago .

Sri Lanka has always been known for the discovery of precious stones. Many large sapphires have been found in the country throughout history. Among the most prominent are the “Blue Belle of Asia”, a 392-carat sapphire auctioned for $ 17.5 million in 2014, and the “Star of India”, a 563-carat star sapphire exhibited at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. In short, an important discovery not only for Gamage but also for the history of Sri Lanka.

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