10 Photos Of Destroyed Helmets Remind Us How Important It Is To Wear Protection On A Motorcycle Or Bicycle.

Anyone who rides a motorcycle, scooter or other two-wheeled vehicle equipped with an engine knows how important it is to wear a hard hat for their own safety. Indeed, this category of drivers is obliged to wear a helmet when traveling on the road, precisely to limit the damage caused by an accident. For those who, on the contrary, love cycling, the obligation to wear a helmet does not apply in all countries and each has its own regulations. Either way, wearing a helmet always involves that little extra bit of caution, which in many cases can be life-saving. Even though it may be uncomfortable or unattractive, we should always keep our health and safety high on our list of priorities: so why risk for so little? Looking at the post-crash photos of those who wore helmets, one might realize how fatal an impact can be without the use of protection.

#1. “I can’t imagine those same scratches on my face …”

image credit: imgur

#2. The remains of the bicycle helmet of a boy who escaped from an accident

image credit: Twitter

#3. Even on a bicycle, it would be good to have a helmet to protect you from falls

image credit: Fishki

#4. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet, otherwise it would have had an effect on his head

image credit: Reddit / drewster4590

#5. “Wearing a helmet can literally save your life!”

image credit: Reddit / l _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ l

#6. Just a quick tip: wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle …

image credit: Imgur

#7. “The helmet that saved my best friend’s life …”

image credit: Imgur

#8. Recommendations are never enough!

image credit: Reddit

#9. This is how a helmet looks when it hits the ground

image credit: Imgur

#10. A cyclist’s helmet clearly broke after hitting the ground

image credit: Wikimedia / Otoomet

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