A desperate koala climbs onto a woman’s bike to drink from her water bottle, the thermometer reaches 40°

Thanks to the spread of smartphones, we now happen every day to see with our own eyes situations that previously we could only have heard told about by those who had experienced them; some are fun but others, as in this case, have a bittersweet taste.

Anna Heuseler , an Australian woman who is passionate about cycling, published on her Instagram channel the images of a curious encounter with a koala , which occurred during a cycling outing near Adelaide (South Australia).

As she herself says, turning a bend the group of cyclists found a koala sitting on the asphalt in front of them . Instinctively everyone stopped with the intention of moving the animal and sheltering it from any passing cars. However, no one expected that he would make the first move: evidently dehydrated and desperate , the animal went straight towards Anna’s bicycle, as if he wanted to ask her for help . She understood her need, and taking out her water bottle she offered the poor creature some relief from the suffocating heat. His thirst was so intense that it pushed him to climb onto his bicycle , as the images clearly show.

Even if the scene itself is very sweet, because the animal seems to have understood the good intentions of the cyclists and approaches with confidence, it cannot help but be disturbing. Even the protagonist herself underlines that she has met dozens and dozens of koalas in her life, but that she has never witnessed such pleading and desperate behavior .

After having refreshed itself, the little animal was escorted towards the nearby bush and therefore the day was lucky for it, but if it had not met Anna it would probably have ended differently.

The episode shows us once again that the anomalous heat and cold waves, which have become increasingly frequent, can have a catastrophic effect on the planet’s flora and fauna.

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