15 Designers Who Deserve An Award For Their Great Work

Human creativity is an impressive thing.

We regularly notice the mistakes of designers and have done so in posts like this, but now is not the time. Now we want to recognize the great work that some designers do with their creations.

In the following list, you will find 15 designer creations that are something impressive and are made with things that we all know. Continue sliding so that you know them.

With a 3D printer I designed a decoration for Mario lovers.


#1. This toaster leaves the Volkswagen logo on your bread:

#2. With this table you will feel like Elon Musk.

#3. When you love UFO themes and also have chickens:

#4. Can you imagine seeing your favorite movie here?

#5. 3D puzzle.

#6. The perfection for combi lovers.

#7. Simulators to another level:

#8. This faucet that looks great:

#9. Nothing better to enjoy a sunset:

#10. The perfect bed for Tim Burton lovers:

#11. The best invention to know where the door handle is:

#12. This bicycle parking at the Coca – Cola plant.

#13. The best playhouse for children:

#14. Cinemas in Paris may be of this style due to the pandemic:

#15. These beautiful scissors:

Do you know creations this impressive? Leave them in the comments! Share this gallery with your designer friends to get inspired by these images.

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