15 Designers Turned Everyday Objects Into Useful Little Works Of Art, Earning Them Accolades

Successful designers are those who manage to combine aesthetic beauty, originality, and utility. The things that strike us, and that we instinctively want to have around the house, are the ones that solve a problem. We don’t know where to put the toilet paper rolls and how to make them more aesthetically appealing, we don’t know where to put the soap so that it doesn’t slip on the sink, we don’t know how to refill the phone when we are at the supermarket: the designers have thought about all these possible problems and have transformed everyday objects into small works of art, thus deserving all our compliments!

#1. In this case, they put cell phone holders with chargers on the shopping carts: battery problem solved.

image credit: ar4ik/pikabu

#2. These toilets are recharged using a sink placed at the top: you can then rinse your hands and reuse the water.

image credit: flupsy/reddit

#3. This lift indicates with an icon the number of people it can still carry before reaching its maximum capacity.

image credit: SonOfWAY/reddit

#4. Here is an umbrella-shaped fruit and vegetable stand: demonstrating that some objects are not what they appear to be.

image credit: packaging_of_the_world/instagram

#5. This clock has a second display on the side: you can check the time in bed without having to move the object.

image credit: grano1a/reddit

#6. A simple toilet roll holder has been transformed into a cabinet and the rolls create a design.

image credit: topdesignerz/instagram

#7. This computer is equipped with a system to cover and deactivate the front webcam: it is no longer necessary to cover it to avoid being seen.

image credit: SonOfWAY/reddit

#8. This soap dish was created so that it can fit over the edge of the sink and not slip: awesome!

image credit: certifiedpizzatarian/reddit

#9. Not easy to read a book when it has the annoying tendency to shut down! A cleverly crafted little piece of wood and the problem is solved.

image credit: sdwood / pikabu

#10. A different and multifunctional sink: it combines soap, water and air to dry your hands.

image credit: thefrozenfoodsection/reddit

#11. Nice packaging: the woman’s hair on the packaging is actually pasta.

image credit: pentawords/instagram

#12. Someone had the good sense to spoon a spoon directly into the lid of the jar: no more rummaging in drawers.

image credit: thyphan69/reddit

#13. This fountain is designed for people and dogs: on the one hand, it quenches the thirst of puppies and on the other, that of owners.

image credit: bheaans/reddit

#14. This suitcase has a sensor in the handle which can measure weight.

image credit: rimbo90/reddit

#15. This designer built a side window to allow, before entering the shower, to turn on the tap without getting wet.

image credit: IBeBobbyBoulders/reddit

We have seen the genius of these designers and their incredible creations that can solve the most annoying little everyday problems. Which of these solutions or which aesthetic objects would you like to have? Tell us in the comments !

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