Design Within Everyone’s Reach, 17 Common Objects Redesigned In An Original And Imaginative Way.

Have you ever stopped to think that everything that surrounds us and that we use day after day is the result of design work ? Many objects may seem obvious, ordinary, difficult to achieve in a different way than we all know, but this is not always the case.

When a designer, full of imagination, creativity and love for his work , decides to do everything possible to make even the simplest things special, we are often faced with real strokes of genius. We’ve collected some photos below of everyday objects that have been improved and made much more interesting thanks to the alternative way in which they have been designed and presented. Ready to check out 17 awesome design examples for everyone?

1. Spoon or fork? Both !

A very special cutlery, do you want to try it?

2. A really brilliant and perfect idea to save precious water!

3. Have you ever seen a crosswalk like this?

It could only be found in a biotechnology company: it has the shape of a strand of DNA!

4. It’s not a bad idea to show simple headphones in their packaging!

They look like musical notes!

5. A drinking fountain for humans…and more!

The design of this object is perfect for running water in the special basin in which the dogs can quench their thirst!

6. A milkshake in a light bulb!

Who wouldn’t want to drink in it? Very original !

7. A table that loves you!

Look at the footprint its paws leave on the ground!

8. It looks like a simple garbage shovel, but one detail changes everything!

It’s this “comb”, specially designed to clean the bristles of the broom once it has been used: good idea!

10. A staircase that certainly does not go unnoticed

Who said you can’t transform the simplest things in an incredible way?

11. Even a simple floor tile can be turned into a brilliant design idea!

This one is in the National Postal Museum of the United States, and it could only have been in the shape of an envelope!

12. The perfect cutlery for all gardening enthusiasts

All it takes is a small detail, and they turn into working tools!

13. What better way to tell regular coffee from decaffeinated?

The owl’s eyes on the packaging tell you!

14. It could only be in a library!

These benches from the library of Alexandria, Egypt are truly amazing: beautiful and full of meaning!

15. Shower or swimming pool?

All guests of this hotel room have probably wondered: here, the bathroom seems to be laid out like a swimming pool!

16. Bike parking spots that look like anti-theft chains!

It really makes you want to put them there, doesn’t it?

17. Tin cans… modular: by combining the top and the bottom, the design is complete!

Have you ever seen such original everyday objects? It is not said that design is always a “luxury” for a chosen few!

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