When Design Leaves You Perplexed. 17 Objects In Front Of Which You Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

” Design ” is not always synonymous with something beautiful. On the contrary, it often happens that objects considered as revolutionary, original or particularly innovative by their creators leave us rather perplexed, with an unpleasant feeling of uncertainty, bad taste, and many, many questions.

It’s true: sometimes the stroke of genius consists of being able to rethink the simplest things, but it is perhaps better to always set certain limits if you don’t want to create objects so bizarre that in front of them you don’t know. whether to laugh or put your hands in your hair. Don’t miss these  17 examples of things in bad taste, but impeccably created!

#1. In case you were wondering, this is a model helicopter used as a ceiling fan.

image credit: IntrospectiveApe/reddit

#2. They are simple kitchen utensils, but they can turn into high fashion items …

image credit: JHopeHoe/reddit

#3. How would you like to sit on a sofa like this one?

image credit: BanjosRuleDude/reddit

#4. If you’re wondering what it is, these are rubber dentures turned into pendants for macabre style necklaces!

image credit: Imgur

#5. For all those who are tired of classic letterboxes …

image credit: Kassabeleg/reddit

#6. So what would be a children’s slide?

image credit: reddit

#7. A nursery created with surgical masks: rather weird, right?

image credit: justaguy8289 / reddit

#8. Next time, it might be better to go with classic bathroom tiles …

image credit: Beras11/reddit

#9. The perfect tea cup for all construction and construction lovers …

image credit: reddit

#10. Creative DIY (and in bad taste): socks assembled to form a sweater …

image credit: reddit

#11. It is surely original, but difficult to say that it is so beautiful …

image credit: JustOneCanadian/reddit

#12. Those wallets with built-in “eyes” would make any thief give up on stealing them!

image credit: reddit

#13. It is not in fabric, but in metal!

image credit: DavidThorne31/reddit

#14. The wall tiles in this bathroom are made of tiles of buttocks in jeans!

image credit: ChristieIsBored/reddit

#15. This boat has been designed as a giant zipper, to give the effect of a zipper with the wake it leaves on the water

image credit: TetraCGT/reddit

#16. Well yes: it is indeed a pile of chemical toilets arranged and decorated as if it were a Christmas tree!

image credit: siug13/reddit

#17. Why should a keyboard look like this? It is definitely best not to use it when you are hungry!

image credit: Pinecone/reddit

Have you ever seen everyday objects turned into real masterpieces in bad taste like these?

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