19 Ingenious Design Ideas To Get More Space Where It Seemed Impossible

We have all had to deal with increasingly tight spaces inside the house. Even though a beautiful, spacious, and welcoming home is the dream of many people, changing homes is not always the best solution, especially for economic reasons. It is precisely in such cases that one has to be resourceful in finding solutions and space, even where it is limited. Today we offer 20 images that represent suggestions and ingenious ideas to make the most of the interior space of the house, bringing the environment to life with elegance and modernity.

1. The living room can be transformed into a bedroom in seconds.

image credit: Caesura / Twitter

2. Playing with colors and space can give these results!

image credit: Trendecora

3. An original way to share the room and have a little privacy

image credit: Arradero / reddit

4. Here’s how to have everything close at hand when cooking spices and ingredients!

image credit: katheats.com

5. “Tris” toilet paper holder

image credit: etsy.com

6. A table hidden in the living room cabinet!

image credit: Atelier Chang

7. A “false floor” to have more “invisible” space

image credit: InteriorLabo / Twitter

8. Extractable bunk beds

image credit: Wayfair

9. Studio and living room in one!

image credit: sparklyskank / tumblr

10. A very special drawer where you can store many items!

image credit: Portobellostreet

11. Sometimes unconventional design solutions are also the best.

image credit: jaykinterior.com

12. There is not only horizontal space …

image credit: themomnerd

13. Minimalist shelves are the most suitable solution for small rooms.

image credit: apartmenttherapy

14. A make-up table worthy of the best make-up artists!

15. A desk hidden away in a comfortable corner of the house

16. Built-in sink above the toilet, a way to save space and water!

17. The most frequently used items can be stored in such a space.

image credit: Chi Renovation & Design/Facebook

18. The side space of this cabinet has been transformed into a broom cabinet.

image credit: Ideeco/Facebook

19. For those who do not want to give up the bathtub in a bathroom that may be too compact

image credit: Chi Renovation & Design/Facebook

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