15 Design Examples So Unlikely You Can’t Believe They Really Happened

Design, in addition to making objects more aesthetic, has the power to facilitate the small gestures of everyday life. In theory … because it often happens that we come across designs that clearly lack logic.

We came across nails never seen before, a shoe-shaped toilet, shoes halfway between sneakers and boots, a microwave that becomes a letterbox … Some people have improvised themselves as designers. and others really are, even if it’s hard to believe. We hope you never had to deal with such creations!

#1. Who has the courage to ask the beautician for nails like this?

image credit: reddit

#2. Sneakers or boots?

image credit: missjardinera/reddit

A bit of both, but when should you wear them?

#3. Special toilets.

image credit: RedditRawrRooster/reddit

Maybe they are in a shoe store? And then, why the purple?

#4. A car from another time.

image credit: LayerTwentySeven/reddit

#5. Someone did not understand where the cardinal points are.

image credit: imgur

#6. A princess with an imposing nose.

image credit: AffluentWeevil1/reddit

Is this an intended effect?

#7. It is not dirty, it was just created that way.

image credit: bergerNfries/imgur

It is definitely not the color scheme you would expect to find in a bathroom.

#8. A place too narrow to create a bathroom.

image credit: ssj_di / reddit

#9. We are a little confused.

image credit: iancurtis/reddit

How do I know which button to press to go to the desired floor?

#10. Definitely badly done.

image credit: imgur

#11. Would you have the courage to go to this bathroom?

image credit: zorton213/reddit

Who had the brilliant idea of ​​putting a mirror on the roof, just above the toilet?

#12. Is that supposed to be a P?

image credit: psycoffman/reddit

It looks more like an A.

#13. What do you do when you don’t have a mailbox?

image credit: DropkickNira/reddit

You recycle the microwave you no longer use and stick the house number on it.

#14. Something is wrong.

image credit: SoonerVillage/reddit

How were these numbers placed?

#15. For those who want to be very close even to the toilet.

image credit: Starhounder/reddit

These failed design examples show us that it is always better to seek professional help and not rely on people with little knowledge or experience in order to save money. What if, on the other hand, it is the client who asks for such work and the designer is content to satisfy the client’s requirements? In this case, no comment! Have you ever seen creations of this type?

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