19 Design Examples So Devoid Of Logic That They Should Push These Designers To Change Their Profession.

It is always pleasant to deal with objects, places, accessories, and devices that simplify our daily life. Moreover, this is what technical and technological progress should be used for: to concretely improve what we do every day. But are we really convinced that this is still the case?

Judging by the photos we are going to show you, it looks like not. What are we talking about? Of all the times when designers and designers have gone far beyond the limits of decency. Hostile intentions, proofs of creativity and imagination went awry, negligence, and a lack of foresight: in these absurd and sometimes hilarious pictures, we find everything we would never want to see!

#1. The door to the school cafeteria. One question: why?

image credit: skiierBoi/reddit

#2. This salt shaker cannot be opened to fill it: well done to whoever designed it!

image credit: himonski1/reddit

#3. Do these partitions between the toilets seem normal to you?

image credit: darkPrince010/reddit

#4. Place your hand on the handrail? No way !

image credit: reddit

#5. At first glance, it seems anything but comfortable …

image credit: Herbzzzzz/reddit

#6. Again, for comfort we will iron, and to remain seated, it is also necessary to have a good balance …

image credit: mistermarnix/reddit

#7. Why not replace a mirror with an advertising screen? The absurd idea of ​​this shopping center for its toilets …

image credit: radleyZ17/reddit

#8. These electric cables and the water in the shower seem dangerously close together …

image credit: demonic_eel/reddit

#9. Turning up the volume, turning down the volume, and muting the sound shouldn’t be in these positions, don’t you think?

image credit: reddit

#10. What happened to this bench? Hit by a landslide?

image credit: Star1523/reddit

#11. A “very practical” bus shelter in Texas: it does not protect from the sun and lets the rain through

image credit: currentwavypearl/reddit

#12. These benches in the canteen were installed in this way to oblige occupants not to remain seated for too long. Very user-friendly …

image credit: reddit

#13. Electrical outlet? Better to use another one ….

image credit: spick0808/reddit

#14. When the desire to renovate and common sense do not go hand in hand

image credit: MSTRdodi/reddit

#15. A truly ingenious bench, and above all comfortable: congratulations to whoever designed it!

image credit: reddit

#16. The inhabitants of this building will certainly be very happy with the huge green advertisement installed just outside …

image credit: reddit

#17. Here is another brilliant bus shelter … We are still looking for a usefulness!

image credit: NOLOCIMES/reddit

#18. A word of advice: don’t try to sit down!

image credit: cf-tyler/reddit

#19. The ideal toilet for those with very, very short legs …

image credit: reddit


image credit: D-drool/reddit

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