22 People Found Curious Messages Hidden In The Most Unthinkable Places

The reality is not always what it appears to us at first glance, superficial. This is not a commonplace or a haphazard phrase, but a concept we should all keep in mind, even when we’re super-convinced that we already know a lot.

The images we have gathered here are proof of this. Have you ever heard of hidden content or ” Easter Eggs “? If the answer is yes, you should know that these messages are not only for the world of computers, movies or video games, but also for the real world. Don’t you believe us? See what the people below found out!

#1. I found this little heart printed on one of the eggs I bought at the local farm: very good!

image credit: Squeekzz/reddit

#2. Receiving a smile is always a pleasure!

image credit: dg200/reddit

#3. Inside this mailing envelope, I found the instructions for making a paper airplane!

image credit: Reddit_banter/reddit

#4. I wondered what this design was on the concrete: I had to wait a specific hour to find out that it matched the shadow of the net perfectly to form a roller coaster!

image credit: ash_the_creeper4/reddit

#5. The Canadian passport seen under ultraviolet light: truly amazing!

image credit: L1l_Debby/reddit

#6. A deceased friend of mine had a bulldog he was inseparable with: on the back of his gravestone, I noticed it. How touching !

image credit: TheMasterMekanik/reddit

#7. Even a very ordinary sidewalk can hide surprises and unexpected scenes!

image credit: spreddit_the_creddit / reddit

#8. Medieval humor: this curious character emerges from the stones of the French abbey of Sainte Foy

image credit: Sanetosane/reddit

#9. On the label of this sweater there is a photo and a short biography of the woman who sewed it: amazing!

image credit: reddit

#10. All is not as it seems at first glance!

image credit: reddit

#11. Directions for use … after use!

image credit: SteezyCougar/reddit

#12. “Return to wash it, not bleach, cold wash in the washing machine, or give it to your mom: she knows what to do.”

image credit: reddit

#13. I realized that the boxes of the “Futurama” series carry the logo of the “30th Century Fox”: wonderful!

image credit: MohartX/reddit

#14. At the museum: a prankster curator inserted a very special “cockroach” among the others!

image credit: JackTheJokey/reddit

#15. In the hand of this little man drawn on the ground, when it rains, here is an umbrella!

image credit: SuperXack/reddit

#16. Every fall, in this wooded region of Oregon, that smiling face appears – it’s not easy to see it from the ground!

image credit: reddit

#17. When a single page of text … speaks to you!

image credit: reddit

#18. An old Nokia cell phone “printed” on the asphalt of a sidewalk!

image credit: reddit

#19. Another message hidden on the label of a sweater: “turn over and hand wash in cold water so as not to damage it, as you do with everything else in your life”.

image credit: cva_thapa/reddit

#20. In a Stockholm metro car: Do you notice something strange on the ventilation grille? It’s Pac-Man!

image credit: toothie23/reddit

#21. “Recycle it!”: A rather … determined can!

image credit: Ornery-Elk7622/reddit

#22. On the corner of the windshield of my father’s Jeep is … a mini-Jeep in an off-road race!

image credit: MissBarker93/reddit

Have you ever found funny, curious and above all hidden messages like these?

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