16 Stops So Creative And Original That We Almost Hope The Bus Doesn’t Pass

Let’s be honest: no one likes to wait minutes and minutes, even hours, at the bus stop. It’s one of those everyday situations where it’s easy to get impatient and especially bored. And, although one can face the journey on public transport “armed” with distractions and pastimes, it must be admitted that the stops, in general, are not original or stimulating places.

It is precisely on the basis of this assumption that some creative people wondered how to improve the benches and shelters where people crowd every day. The results? Judging by the photos that we are going to show you, really imaginative, fun, and original. There are several cities around the world where, thanks to administrative, artistic, or advertising initiatives, bus stops have become public places where it is really pleasant to spend time. So much so that some of them would almost make you want the bus to never arrive, don’t you think?

#1. This artwork in the form of a bus stop is located in Gagra, Georgia

image credit: earthmoonsun/reddit

#2. Feel at home, even on the road, while waiting for the next bus

image credit: Andrei Dmitriev/Flickr

#3. Not a bad idea to keep users warm even when the bus is not passing!

image credit: 5_Frog_Margin/reddit

#4. It is definitely reductive to call this a “stop”. It is located in California

image credit: Panda_911/reddit

#5. Here we are in Poland: minimal style, but great functionality in case of rain!

image credit: pietro5000pp/reddit

#6. It almost goes without saying that this is a school bus stop!

image credit: reddit

#7. A nice little lounge to relax while waiting for public transport!

image credit: DickieJohnson/reddit

#8. The Koenigsworther Platz stop in Hanover, Germany: an artistic touch to wait!

image credit: Christian A. Schröder/Wikimedia

#9. This one was made entirely from plastic bottles and other recycled materials

#10. We would all love to sit on the most famous sofa in the animated series!

image credit: thiagopourra/reddit

#11. How to transform a simple and banal structure into a colorful and warm place

#12. Here we are in Japan: the perfect stop for lovers of natural products!

image credit: STA3816/Wikimedia

#13. Not bad: it really makes you want to stay there!

#14. It is certain that in such a white environment, it attracts attention!

image credit: NinjaMasks/reddit

#15. A stop with a small library corner: perfect!

image credit: reddit

#16. When art and creativity become the perfect means to improve public spaces

image credit: edrquirino/Instagram

#17. This stop is located in Norway, and it really is a perfect lounge to feel at home away from home!

image credit: eeddiitt/reddit

Have you ever waited for the bus in quirky places like these?

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