21 Brilliant And Creative Ads That Really Know How To Grab The Attention Of Who’s Watching

It is often said that advertising is the soul of commerce. If a product – maybe not that great – gets the right promotion, through hard-hitting slogans, creative images, and the right marketing, much of its success is already guaranteed. At the very least, people will know it exists, just remembering the ad campaign.

And sometimes those who design these ads have really brilliant minds, no doubt. Enough to inevitably capture the viewer’s attention. We notice this every time we stand in front of some of the most original and awesome billboards, just like the ones we show you below. Ready to discover the genius of marketing?

#1. All the music in one device: they really knew how to get attention!

image credit: Pinterest

#2. A bus like this makes you want to get on it!

image credit: Pinterest

#3. This idea of ​​an empty billboard to sponsor real-time forecasts is great!

image credit: reddit

#4. Phosphorescent billboard = guaranteed success!

image credit: Imgur

#5. A series like this really deserved such publicity!

image credit: reddit

#6. Simply brilliant!

image credit: Imgur

#7. Advertising … to taste!

image credit: vodkasolution/reddit

#8. It is written “even a little is too much”: a very good way to raise awareness about alcohol and driving.

image credit: reddit

#9. The post was already there and the publicity took advantage!

image credit: moonpies4everyone/reddit

#10. Awesome and super realistic!

#11. A truly impactful health food advertisement.

image credit: Pinterest

#12. This one is intriguing: it is the sponsor of a television channel on the theme of animals.

#13. “Sorry, we spent our entire budget on excellent customer service” – great, there’s nothing more to add!

image credit: Tottenheimer/reddit

#14. This McDonald’s ad shows you, like a sundial, what time you can eat what, by projecting the famous “M” on it.

image credit: Imgur

#15. Chainsaw cutting the tree that hits the car, which is covered by the insurance company: the perfect advertising combination!

image credit: Jonnyspringfield/reddit

#16. This Ant-Man sponsor sitting there at the bus stop is really doing his job!

image credit: Imgur

#17. “Use electricity wisely”: A billboard has rarely been so clear.

image credit: bmwatsonson/reddit

#18. Not a bad idea to draw attention to the safety of the Mini.

image credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/funny…

Which of these ads did you like the most?

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