19 Crazy And Extravagant Buildings That Were Designed By True Architectural Stars.

Who said houses always have to be built according to the same canons? Of course, it is important that they welcome those who live or work there with all possible comfort, but it is equally true that the architecture and design of buildings often leave room for the wildest fantasies of those concerned.

It is precisely in these moments that architects, designers, and engineers decide to break free from any well-defined model, creating houses and buildings that leave us speechless. Take a look at the ones we’ve rounded up below: We find it hard to believe they’re real, and yet they’re “crazy” and outrageous examples of what we mean. Have you ever seen buildings like this?

#1. Upside down!

image credit: Bunnystrawbery/reddit

Looks like this house – located in the United States, South Carolina – was “put” there from above while still upside down!

#2. Building or robot?

image credit: Imgur

Probably both! This Bangkok building is having a little effect, isn’t it?

#3. Definitely out of the ordinary!

image credit: rockystl/reddit

Hằng Nga guesthouse in Vietnam is known as “Crazy House”, and it’s not hard to see why – just look at it. It was designed and built by the Vietnamese architect Đặng Việt Nga in 1990.

#4. A skyscraper? Yes, but off the beaten track!

image credit: Muhyuddin/reddit

#5. A house that looks like it was built room by room by a child. It is located in Amsterdam.

#6. No, your eyes are not fooling you: this house is really like that.

image credit: polinna/Instagram

We are in Sopot, Poland, and here is the “Crooked House”, definitely “twisted” and, for some, even “drunk” …

#7. This house really looks like it’s stuck between two huge rocks!

#8. Don’t worry, this isn’t a “bug”: this building looks really two-dimensional!

image credit: vincentnzt/reddit

#9. A mega-packaging

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Here is a mall in the city of Birmingham, UK that appears to be “wrapped” in bubble wrap!

#10. A really huge “Jenga”!

image credit: JamesMakesFilms/reddit

Look at this skyscraper in New York: doesn’t it make you think of a giant Jenga game made of bricks?

#11. Classic gutters? No, thank you: those in this building are true works of art.

image credit: almanyagunceleri / Instagram

It is located in Dresden, Germany.

#12. Yes, this house is really crooked, but rest assured, it’s not going to fall apart!

image credit: 2BrkOnThru/reddit

A very special building built in the unique context of the Monsters Park in Bomarzo, Italy.

#13. With this shape, guess what it houses?

image credit: Nugasaki / reddit

It can only be the headquarters of a company that produces packaging!

#14. A mega-basket!

image credit: reddit

It could only be the headquarters of an American company that produces artisan baskets …

#15. The one who conceived it must have had a rather troubled nature …

You can’t help but think so when looking at this building in Tel Aviv, Israel. Really weird!

#16. Is it melting ?!

It almost makes you want to go out before it’s too late, but we’re sure this Las Vegas building will stay that way, as it was designed and built to look … softened!

#17. Again, our eyes, at first impression, only see two dimensions, don’t they?

image credit: CtenoCatcher/reddit

#18. An incredible cartoon-style house in the real world

image credit: VNTBLKATK/reddit

Looks like she came out of a movie!

#19. Even in Paris, there is a decorative house that looks “exhausted” from too much heat …

image credit: lilsnek_/reddit

Have you ever seen houses and buildings like these? Sometimes the imagination and the fantasy of some architects know how to leave us speechless, don’t you think?

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