Couple Transform Old London Bus Into Luxurious And Super Comfortable Home

See that famous red double-decker London buses? These vehicles are inimitable, instantly recognizable, and capable of transporting us – in every sense of the word! – immediately in the streets of the English capital.

A practical, symbolic, and efficient means of transport, which for many users, used to spending hours and hours on vehicles to move from side to side, is a kind of second home. The couple we’re about to tell you about, meanwhile, decided that one of the famous red buses would truly become their home where they could live, eat, sleep and relax. With this idea in mind, Charlie and Luke decided that their “nest” would have wheels, and, spending a more than reasonable amount of money, they built a truly unique and original house.


No Rent, No Loan, No Condo Fees: When Charlie MacVicar , 26, and Luke Walker, 27, decided to move in together, they knew exactly what they wanted. Independence, above all, without forgetting originality. So instead of buying a traditional house, in 2017, they thought it was better to buy the old red bus from Go-Ahead London, for the modest sum of 2,900 euros.


A price that in London and the surrounding areas and beyond is a very small part of any apartment for sale. From that point on, it only took an additional 17,000 euros to achieve a truly incredible transformation.


image credit: doubledeckerhome/Instagram

“We love to travel and wanted something where we could feel at home while still being able to move around,” says Charlie, “between containers and caravans, the double-decker bus ultimately seemed like the perfect fit. living there is the best thing we could have done “.


The transformation this vehicle has undergone at the hands of the young British couple is commendable. It can be said without exaggeration that the red bus has become a luxury home , equipped with all the necessary amenities and services.


Just take a look inside the bus to see how comfortable it is . Beds, kitchens, relaxation areas, office area: nothing is missing , there is even a comfortable bathtub!


image credit: doubledeckerhome/Instagram

And the two couldn’t be happier with their unique and original choice. Living in such a vehicle allows you to have few constraints and great freedom .


Of course, in the London bus there is not the same space available in a real apartment, but it is certain that in a house like this one can learn to organize the spaces with extreme precision , in renouncing the superfluous but not the necessary.


The red bus is therefore based on a particularly spacious vehicle with its two floors , so that the sacrifices, in terms of space, are not so great. It almost looks like this vehicle was designed for such use as the one designed by the English couple!


What do you think ? Would you one day make this choice for your future home?

source used: doubledeckerhome/Instagram

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