20 photos that prove there is no country like Canada.

Most people around the world associate Canada with maple syrup, sweetness, and more maple syrup. But the truth is… the stereotypes of the country are not so far from the truth, actually. Just with some extra weird details.

Here is a list of 20 images that show that Canada is a unique country.

Winters in Canada are harsh.

What are they feeding that dog?

That’s huge. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

The Canadian police are always there to help you.

Found outside a restroom in Jasper, Canada

“A guy at my university in Canada walking to class”

Only in Canada regret the sale of limited editions!

I thought moose ate vegetarian diets. Apparently in Nova Scotia, they eat cars too.

“Not all Canadians are nice. Please do not approach Canada Geese they become more aggressive if you approach them.”

In Canada, hockey is more important than classes.

“We’re living 3 seasons at a time right now.”

“No one deserves a violation when a team in Canada wins gold”

How do you know you are in Canada?

only in Canada

The police play hockey ball with the neighborhood kids.

The most Canadian photo ever taken.

Graffiti in Canada is so unique: “Your mother is a nice woman”, “Your father is proud of you”

“Happy Canada Day, tomorrow we will come to remove the flag”

“They did not leave my package because there was a bear at the door”

Have you been to Canada? Share your photos with us!

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