20 Confusing Moments Where Nothing Is What It Seems

You will need to see several times to understand.

Creativity is one of the most fundamental elements in a photograph. When playing with angles and perspectives, even a common place or situation can become incredible, but sometimes it can happen unintentionally.

In the following list we show you 20 occasions where our eyes can deceive us and you will need to see the photos more than once to understand what is really happening.

#1. Hole or hay?

#2. My cat looks like a crow.

#3. Don’t worry, it’s colored powder, not fire.

#4. “My friend took a picture of that truck today and it kind of looks like a toy.”

#5. Photo of a dog behind the tail of another dog.

#6. Not all are seats.

#7. Take a good look it is not a corridor.

#8. “The photo my friend took of me makes it look like my hand is my foot.”

#9. “I wanted to send my parents the view of my hotel room and I ended up worrying them because they believed that aliens were invading us.”

#10. This is the view of one of the steepest streets in San Francisco if the ground were straight.

#11. “My cat seems to have lost his body somewhere!”

#12. No, that man is not wearing a wedding dress.

#13. If you flip the image you will see the trick.

#14. The reflection of the lamp in the sunglasses.

#15. Where are your legs friend?

#16. This building seems infinite, but it is a pyramid.

#17. My friend looks like a giant.

#18. A selfie.

#19. It’s just a log.

#20. If you flip the image you find the trick.

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