18 Computer Disasters So Absurd They Would Make Any Repairman Green.

We do not all have the same familiarity with computer technologies and related tools. It’s not a question of lack of intelligence or poor skill: for some people, keeping cellphones, computers, cables and other devices in good condition is just not a problem.

As long as they’re working it’s fine, but at some point even the most rugged device may decide it’s time to “take a break.” And this is where the computer technicians in charge of repairs find themselves in front of absurd scenes, like the ones we are going to show you. Customers, colleagues, friends or relatives who complain about computer problems, sometimes cannot understand that the damage may have been caused mainly by their negligence … Check out some of the most dire situations that repairers face!

#1. The customer told me that his computer suddenly stopped working. We wonder why …

image credit: Rennsport_Dota / reddit

#2. My coworker was so excited to try out his new mouse that when he opened the packaging he literally took his brain offline … here is the result.

image credit: mrfoyl/reddit

#3. It’s hard to say what happened: it looks like the day after a battle.

image credit: TheAnswerToYang/reddit

#4. The electric stove has turned off and will not turn on again. What happened?

image credit: Majahzi/reddit

#5. The dirt on this keyboard brought in for repair is “remarkable”!

image credit: Salarmot/reddit

#6. Really smart to put the lamp for hours and hours near the screen …

image credit: SociableJames/reddit

#7. The customer who brought it to me thought it was enough to remove the glass residue to make it work again.

image credit: Pikabu

#8. When ants choose a super-tech house …

image credit: KootokuOne / reddit

#9. The client wanted to make it pocket size: here’s what he did.

image credit: YTAppleDemo/reddit

#10. Probably the mouse with the least cleaning in the world …

image credit: thecuriousostrich/reddit

#11. How did he do this? A perfect division

image credit: SirReginaldIT/reddit

#12. “The phone says NOSIM”, we wonder why …

image credit: La_Al-97 / reddit

#13. The client called me to complain about problems with the internet and the connections: I arrived there and I found it.

image credit: Snawbool/reddit

#14. And then they wonder why the computer suddenly decides that it has had enough …

image credit: reddit

#15. Found by fiber optic technicians right in the middle of a cable.

image credit: reddit

#16. No, that recess in the door was obviously not a cell phone holder …

image credit: Herr_Gamer/reddit

#17. “Maybe the wire is slow,” my uncle said, complaining that the connection in his office wasn’t working …

image credit: DarthMauly / reddit

#18. When dirt settles over and over again over the years …

image credit: SPEEDIN459/reddit

Have you ever seen shrunken hardware in this sorry state?

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