21 Completely Failed Restructurings Where There Is Anything But Common Sense

We are not all capable of improvising like professionals. We should be aware of this whenever we think we can do a repair or renovation job that is simply beyond our reach.

Have you ever had faith in what you were doing, putting time and effort into it, and then realized in the end that it would have been better to call someone who could have made it all simpler, more functional, and safer? Of course, it’s fine to do it yourself, but when you’re faced with renovations like the one we’re about to show you, it really seems like common sense has taken a vacation! Ready to find out what not to do in the event of a repair?

#1. Yes, it is a doorstop. Original, that’s for sure …

image credit: mrinternator/reddit

#2. There is something wrong with this handrail …

image credit: Imgur

#3. It is better not to use this tap: risk of short circuit!

image credit: Pikabu

#4. All means are good when there is a lack of will to repair or, as in this case, to demolish.

image credit: Pikabu

#5. It is simply amazing that someone could even think of such a thing!

image credit: Pikabu

#6. A practical and super-functional kitchen!

image credit: profistroika/Instagram

#7. A little neat and almost “invisible” work.

image credit: profistroika/Instagram

#8. The perfect staircase for those who want to go down and take a close look at the wall.

image credit: profistroika/Instagram

#9. Enter or light the room? That is the question.

image credit: profistroika/Instagram

#10. Even this space-saving solution does not seem the most practical …

image credit: profistroika/Instagram

#11. It was enough to take better measurements: a professional installer should know that.

image credit: profistroika/Instagram

#12. Rather confused: are we sure it’s safe?

image credit: typical.rykozhop/Instagram

#13. It hurts just to look at it, doesn’t it?

image credit: master_moskva_szao/Instagram

#14. Using these toilets is a real challenge

image credit: rukozhopy/Instagram

#15. No, that wasn’t exactly how it should be done …

image credit: Imgur

#16. DIY repairs: those that deserve at least a price for their originality

image credit: YouFooledMe/reddit

#17. The perfect toilet for those who can’t give up an inch of space!

image credit: Louas52/reddit

#18. Turn on the water and … flood the kitchen!

image credit: profistroika/Instagram

#19. A bit confusing bathroom, isn’t it?

image credit: lalavilala/reddit

#20. Clock repaired, but maybe better to buy a new one ….

image credit: EMF911/reddit

#21. Very good way to climb the handrail on this staircase, congratulations!

image credit: OmegaBrightBlade/reddit

#22. Superb work: this poor pipe really seems to “suffer”!

image credit: rukozhopy/Instagram

Have you ever seen repairs and renovations so extravagant it almost becomes unbelievable?

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